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We understand life can get in the way of our regular check-ups, and sometimes accidents do happen... without an appointment. Our experienced team of professionals accept most insurances and offer a wide range of urgent, non-life threatening treatments with several booking options. Choose from our online patient portal, website, or walk-in services. Our Express Care team will care for you through:

We accept most Health Insurances !!! 


No need to dodge expensive insurance bills and collections letters. If you don't have insurance or constantly receive high copays and deductibles, our $100 Value Visits are the perfect option for you.


Two weeks until the season starts, and you still don't have a physical done? Or, maybe it's time for your work-mandated check-up. At MI Express, you can get in and get check-out with a professional practitioner FAST. There's no appointment necessary, and you'll be out in a flash.


No more late-night calls to the Doc or waiting until Monday. When our little ones are sick, we want answers fast... and that's exactly what MI Express provides. When it comes to the health of your children, tomorrow is not good enough.


Accidents happen. Luckily, you don't need an appointment to treat these non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. Stop by MI Express Care Walk-In Clinic seven days a week, with no appointment necessary.


Instead of referring our patients to another clinic for tests... sending those tests off for results... sending those results back to the lab... and finally, to our patients, MI Express Care offers in-house lab services to cut wait time and reduce fees.


Receive & understand your results fast with MI Express Care's in-house X-Ray Services. We've reduced result wait time to ensure you receive the proper care before your injury or illness worsens.

First visit went well. Processing was efficient and doctor got right down to business. I feel that MI Express Care Walk in clinic treated my condition properly and professionally, and would recommend this facility for urgent care. Two thumbs up! 

- Shawn -

We had a great experience here! Dr Katrib is who helped us and he is SO nice and he knew what was wrong immediately. I heard he will be a primary care physician soon and when he does, we will be switching over to him! Great experience! 

- Ashley E -

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Professional medical services are often required out of the normal working hours of many physicians. We provide care to those in urgent need but don't need a trip to the ER. Our wide array of medical treatment options and in-house services provides premium care without the wait or high deductibles.

We have physicians and medical professionals available 7-days a week, 8 AM - 8 PM on weekdays and 10 AM - 6 PM on weekends. This is just one way we provide you and your family with convenient, affordable and quality healthcare.

Get in touch today by booking an appointment or calling 734-333-9001 to learn more.

44237 Michigan Ave. Canton MI, 48188


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